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Servo & Stepper system

Combining the knowledge of Chinese and German engineers, Kinco servo and stepper drive products inherit the typical German symbols: high quality, high reliability and stability.

D=144 Servo System comprises ED series,CD series andJD series.

CD 120/420/430/620/630

CD series servo system

Kinco CD series servo drives are general-purpose drives incorporating versatile control modes while remaining the simplicity of operation and commissioning.
Thanks to the advanced controlling algorithm inside, CD drives feature fast response frequency, high accuracy, and high over-load capacity and gain auto-tune function.
CD can be used in applications requiring circular interpolation.

JD 430/620

JD series servo system

kinco JD series Servo Driver supports multiple communication methods — CANopen, RS232, RS485, and features various control signals-P/D, CW/CCW, and AB phase.
It also supports incremental and absolute encoders with SSI, BISS, and ENDAT protocols.
Moreover, enhanced safety with Safe Torque Off (STO) makes Kinco system more secure and humanized further.

ED series servo system

Kinco ED series servo drives are intelligent drives capable of flexible programmability and field bus communication.
ED series are suitable for multi-axis applications and single-axle controller-less applications.
ED 100/200/400/600/430/630

Stepper System

Kinco stepper drives products serve the low-end market of motion control applications. Our stepper drivers are cost effective and easy to use. Kinco owns complete line of stepper drives including the new N series which features improved performance and enhanced functions.
wo-phase Stepper Drives
three-Phase Stepper Drives